ORLANDO, Fla. — Dorianis hitting South Carolina and North Carolina coast with 105 mph winds and heavy rain, causing dangerous storm surge..

The latest positioning had Dorian located 85 miles south-southwest of Wilmington, North Carolina.

It is currently moving to the northeast at 10 mph. A turn to the northeast is expected by tonight.   

The center of Dorian is moving close to the coast of South Carolina, and then will move near or over the coast of North Carolina tonight and Friday. 

Dorian's wind field includes hurricane force winds extending out 60 miles from the center, and tropical storm force winds out 220 miles.

Tornado warnings have been happening all day in the Carolinas. 

Meanwhile several roads are closed because of flooding concerns.

Tropical Storms Fernand and Gabrielle

We have also been keeping an eye on the rest of the tropics, because we have several areas of interest, none of which are threatening Florida at this time.

Fernand made landfall in eastern Mexico on Wednesday and dissipated quickly over the rugged terrain.

Tropical Storm Gabrielle has formed in the Eastern Atlantic, but it is expected to remain out to sea with no threats to land.

We are also watching an area of disturbed weather in the North Central Atlantic and another area of low pressure just off the coast of Africa the next couple days.

With it being the height of hurricane season, we encourage Central Florida residents to stay with us for updates, and review your hurricane plans and kits.