SANFORD, Fla. — Some Central Florida developers are taking a new approach to finding a permanent solution to end homelessness.  

  • Warley Park will offer supportive, medical services to the homeless
  • The community will have 81 apartments
  • The project costs $20 million

A groundbreaking event Thursday marked the culmination of three years of work.

Project developers say housing should not be the culmination of getting over homelessness. They say housing should be the foundation and other services should build on it. 

Chairman of the Community Resource Network Dr. Joel Hunter said, "I could not be more thrilled. This is a big deal for our community. The need is overwhelming growing and growing. So to have a project of this kind, we hope it is a prototype. We hope this will multiply."

By about February of next year, Warley Park in Seminole County will be Central Florida's first permanent supportive housing community. 

In addition to giving future residents a permanent roof, the 81 multi-family units come with on-site social services to help the homeless.

Real estate developer Wendover Housing Partners is a leader in this project. The company's founder, Jonathan Wolf, said, "It just goes deeper in the how did this family or individual get to that condition and try to address some of those issues in addition to providing a rooftop."

This will not be a shelter. Residents will use rental vouchers as payment. 

While concerns were raised about having the homeless living there, supporters ensure this is a win for the entire community. 

"This addition is going to be such a stature and so many services involved it will actually raise the value of the area and be a real blessing to the community," said Hunter.