SANFORD, Fla. — The historic St. Johns River is an iconic spot in Sanford where you can take in the views from many different vantage points, but on the water is where you'll find the most relaxing adventure. 

What You Need To Know

  • Explore St. Johns River while learning its history

  • The riverboat cruise also offers meals

  • Learn more about the St. Johns Rivership Co.

You can cruise the river in style aboard the St. Johns Rivership Co.’s classic riverboat. 

“We hope this means as much to Sanford as us. At one point there were about 150 paddlewheel boats that ran the St. Johns back in the 1800s, so it's just the perfect boat for the river and the history of the area," said co-owner Bill Maloney. 

This historic paddlewheel boat has been in Maloney's family. Since the ‘80s, his parents started up the business and he and his siblings carry on the dream. 

Aboard these three-hour cruises, you'll see all the sights while enjoying plenty of entertainment from live music to guided narration and history on the river to a delicious three-course meal... 

It's a perfect way to get better acquainted with the beauty of Sanford all while spending the afternoon on a little slice of history

Reservations are required for all tours. The company offers lunch and sunset dinner cruises.