STATEWIDE — Florida's elections officials say the state’s presidential primaries will not be delayed Tuesday.

The voting will go on as planned, although some Central Florida supervisors of elections warn that they have had to relocate some polling locations because of COVID-19.

Find your polling place. 

Florida Secretary of State Laurel Lee said Sunday the decision to continue the election is based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

"That guidance tells us that Floridians can safely and securely go to the polls to cast ballots in Tuesday’s presidential preference primary," Lee said. "Precinct-based voting, where voters within a community cast ballots, is nothing like the large gatherings our health officials are encouraging Floridians to avoid. It’s quick, community-based, and voters and election workers can follow all health and safety precautions."

Orange County Supervisor of Elections Bill Cowles says there should be enough polling places open where there likely won’t be long lines. He also told Spectrum News if want to come in person but are worried about crowds, the best time tovote is mid-morning or afternoon.

Laurel Lee said officials are encouraging those who may have tested positive for COVID-19 or are feeling ill to not show up to the polls but rather designate someone to pick up a vote-by-mail ballot in their place. 

How to designate someone to pick up your ballot

Florida's Division of Elections allows people to designate someone to pick up a vote-by-mail ballot on their behalf.

However, a form must be filled out and signed by the voter in order for their designee to pick up the ballot. 

Those forms are available in English and Spanish

"The voter must affirm that an emergency exists that keeps the voter from being able to vote at his or her assigned polling place," the Division of Elections says.

The ballot must be returned and in the possession of your county Supervisor of Elections office before 7 p.m. on Election Night in order for your vote to be counted.