LONGWOOD, Fla. — Law enforcement is looking for answers after a Longwood 3-year-old boy, wearing nothing but just a diaper, was found in a box on a porch at a Buffalo home on Monday morning as human remains were discovered in a burning car.

Noelvin Valentin-Colon's parents have not been found.

And according to the Buffalo Police Department, the house where the boy was left at is not far from a car that was found completely charred with human remains inside.

According to the boy's grandmother Zenaida Colon, her 31-year-old son and Longwood resident Miguel Anthony Valentin-Colon took Noelvin and the boy's mother Nicole Merced Plaud on a trip to western New York.

Currently Buffalo police are trying to determine how the boy wound up on a homeowner's porch and if the burnt car found with the human remains are linked.

"Unfortunately right now we do not have any definitive answers as to where the vehicle is even from based on the condition of the vehicle when it was found by officers," said Capt. Jeff Rinaldo of the Buffalo Police Department.

Zenaida Colon, who lives in Central Florida, flew to Buffalo Monday.

And according to Buffalo police officials, they believe the car was not only on fire for a long period of time, but it was on fire until it was able to extinguish itself.

The car was found near warehouses where detectives are now gathering surveillance camera footage to gather leads.

Currently, the Longwood Police Department is not helping with this investigation and the Buffalo police officials have said this is their investigation and their forensic team is now trying to ID the bodies found in the burnt car.

Longwood Police Department did, however, perform a wellbeing check at the family's home on Monday.