KISSIMMEE, Fla. — Experience Kissimmee, the tourism authority for Osceola County, hosted a town hall to talk with their industry partners about coronavirus on Wednesday morning.


The president and CEO DT Minich said that while Osceola County has seen some cancellations for business meetings and conventions, leisure travel has not been affected very much.  

"Well this year it's a little different. We have some openings because of these conventions not coming," Minich said. "That's what we're trying to do is really spread the word that it's a great time to come right now, especially for our drive market." 

Minich is encouraging those at a driving distance to pay a visit. "March and April are some of our busiest months of the entire year," he added. "So we are really wanting to put some additional marketing dollars out there and some additional messaging to make sure people understand that it's safe to come and everything right now is business as usual."

Sam Haught, the owner of Wild Florida who had a representative present at the meeting, said he cannot help but feel concerned when it comes to the tourism industry taking a hit. He also said they are being mindful on site, by adding more hand sanitizer stations throughout the park.  

He is also switching much of his marketing spend to Florida residents instead of international tourists, but still remains hopeful.

"I hope that, that doesn't increase and we end up worse," Haught said. "In a position where we're not able to fill some of those gaps but right now it's looking good and things are OK."