ORLANDO, Fla. — As excitement builds for SeaWorld Orlando’s Pipeline: The Surf Coaster, the park is giving fans a chance to “ride” it virtually.

What You Need To Know

  •  Pipeline: The Surf Coaster to open at SeaWorld Orlando in May

  •  The theme park released POV video of the coaster, giving fans a "virtual" ride

  •  Pipeline will reach speeds of 60 mph and feature five airtime moments

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The theme park has released a full POV rendering of the new coaster, which is slated to open next month. Watch the video below.

The surfing-inspired coaster will reach speeds of 60 mph and heights of 110 feet. Riders will be upright as they zip across 2,950 feet of track, experiencing five airtime moments along the way.

The seats on the surfboard-style coaster trains will also move vertically with riders to create the sensation of “riding the waves.”

Pipeline will also feature an inversion inspired by a surfing maneuver called an “alley-oop.”

The ride will last about 110 seconds.

Once it opens, Pipeline will become SeaWorld’s seventh coaster as the park continues to tout itself as the “coaster capital of Orlando.”


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