ORLANDO, Fla. – When Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opens later this year, visitors will be able build their own droids and lightsabers.

The 14-acre expansion at both Disneyland and World will feature two new attractions, eateries as well as a handful of shops selling rare and curious wares.

Here's a rundown of the merchandise visitors will encounter as they explore Black Spire Outpost.

Droid Depot

If you've ever wanted to build your own Star Wars droid, the Droid Depot will be your go-to spot.

Visitors will be able to pick parts and pieces off a conveyor belt to build an R-series or BB-series droid. The droids will be able to interact with the land's surroundings and respond to other visitors.

And if you don't want to build your own droid, the Droid Depot will sell some that are already built.

Savi's Workshop

If lightsabers are more your thing, you can build your own at the "hiding-in-plain-sight" Savi's Workshop. During a guided build session, visitors can select a kyber crystal to put in their lightsabers. There will be four options: Peace Justice, which are modeled after Jedi from the Republic era; Power and Control, which is a nod to the Sith; Elemental Nature, which include natural materials; and Protection and Defense, which is "shrouded in mystery."

During a build session, shop workers known as The Gatherers will guide visitors by sharing their knowledge of Jedi lore and The Force.

Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities

Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities will feature rare items collected from around the Star Wars galaxy. Items include Jedi and Sith artifacts, holocrons and more.

First Order Cargo and Resistance Supply

Choose your alliance with two shops inside Galaxy's Edge.

If you pledge your loyalty to the First Order, stop by First Order Cargo. Inside the temporary storage dock, visitors will find First Order gear like uniforms, caps, pins, model ships and more. The shop will be easy to find because of the First Order TIE Echelon.

Meanwhile, if you consider yourself a member of the Resistance, head on over to Resistance Supply.

The shop is located in the Resistance's hidden command post features uniforms, pins, hats, helmets, jackets, badges, maps, training supplies and food rations.

Creature Stall and Toydarian Toymaker Stall

In search of Porgs? The Creature Stall will feature dozens of creatures that you can take home. Some, like porgs and tauntauns, are friendly. Others, like rathers and wampas, not so much.

The Toydarian Toymaker Stall will sell plush characters, wood and tin toys, instruments and more.

Black Spire Outfitters

Want to create your own Jedi or Sith Lord-inspired looks? Black Spire Outfitters will feature an array of clothing that can be mixed and match to create a custom style.

And if you think Galaxy's Edge will be filled with "evergreen" items, you'd be wrong. Every item is created specifically for the land, according to Disney.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is slated to open at Disneyland this summer and at Disney World in the fall.

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