Eric Mock joined the Spectrum News 13 team in March 2019.

Before coming to Spectrum News, Eric won the 2015 National Mark of Excellence Award for Best Long Form Reporting. He then won the GABBY award for Best Feature Story (Georgia Association of Broadcasters, small to medium market category) and the GABBY Merit award for Best News Reporter in both 2017 and 2018.

Eric once reported on a woman who went missing. But because of her history of drug use, other reporters refused to take on her story. Eric connected with the mother of the woman and made sure to depict her in a humane, fair way in order to amplify the search efforts. This is just one of many examples of Eric’s dedication to telling stories from a personal perspective. His storytelling is often inspirational, as he strives to give people a voice and help solve problems by compelling people to act.

The warm weather and tropical climate of Florida remind Eric of his hometown of Houston. In his time in Florida so far, Eric has experienced nothing short of a warm welcome. He and his wife love to spend their free time enjoying Florida wildlife, exploring the sites, or grabbing a bite to eat at Curry Bowl.