CARRABELLE, Fla. — It might be the way the light gleams off Leon Wiesener's glasses or just the warmness behind his voice, but inside his rainbow house, it’s a place to behold.

  • Carrabelle Bottle House is in Florida's Panhandle
  • Leon Wiesener hopes his creation puts Carrabelle on map
  • He gets reactions from all over the world

“I wanted to see if I could do it, do it by hand. ... I think it turned out real good," Wiesener says.

By "do it," he means a year-long process to construct a house made of thousands of recycled glass bottles of all shapes sizes and colors. 

It’s a lot to take in at first glance, and those who stop by, from far and wide, aren’t shy about their reactions.

“I've heard everything from outrageous, to awesome, to 'I’ve never seen anything like it,' to one the other day, someone asked if I was married. It can be kind of strange," Wiesener laughs.

The home now stands as somewhat of a town staple, making it worth the journey.

There’s even a fun secret to find: Tucked hidden away is a "geocache" location. It's a spot where you leave something and take something from the hidden treasure trove to remember your trip.

Wiesener hopes his creation, if not a bit eccentric, will leave a lasting impression for his town and all who journey to see it.

“I really want it to last... and become a symbol of Carrabelle,” Wiesener says.

The Carrabelle Bottle House is open anytime to visitors seven days a week. The family just asks that you please call ahead before your visit to select a time.

For more information on the bottle house, check out their website: