ORLANDO, Fla— Most athletes want the same thing.

“I am trying to leave a legacy behind,” said Kat Nelson, a local MMA fighter.

Just six fights in and Kat Nelson is already turning heads.

Nelson knocked out her most recent opponent and ironically the lights too.

“In this sport I just feel on top of the world. I feel great. I feel confident. I feel nobody can mess with me and that’s what I love about it,” said Nelson.

Kat’s journey to get to this point wasn’t easy.

“I’ve had a rough, abusive childhood,” said Nelson.

She now shifts her past into her future.

“I feel like I can channel that bad energy into the sport and turn it into positivity,” said Nelson.

Kat’s other form of therapy involves a different type of time and a lot of slobbery puppy kisses.

“All they want to do is be loved by you and love you back and that’s how they’ve helped me,” said Nelson.

There’s no better way to a dogs heart than treats but not just any treats.

“These treats are all natural they are great. Even humans can eat them,” said Nelson.

She calls the company Black Lab Organics.

“Our business, this is our baby so I do put time towards it every day,” said Nelson.

A homemade treat company filled with love and a lot of peanut butter.

Every batch is kneaded with care.

“Our motto is dogs deserve better,” said Nelson.

A better chance at a healthy diet.

“I wanted to educate people on what they are giving their dog if it’s good or not. Just like humans there are a lot of artificial foods that we eat and it’s the same for dogs as well,” said Nelson.

Giving love back to an animal that has helped Kat create her legacy.

“For me it’s really about just having happy dogs honestly. When people tell me my dogs love your treats that makes me happy. It was worth it,” said Nelson.