ORLANDO, Fla. -- It’s an ordinary afternoon for the Chao sisters as they hit the links and perfect their craft.

“We usually spend about two hours a day so about 14 hours a week,” said Sammy Chao, a 12-year-old golfer.

They stay committed to the sport they love.

“Going out and practicing golf is just a chance to relax because you’re outside and it’s just like relieve all of the stress,” said Kaitlin Chao, a 16-year-old golfer.

During their countless hours on the greens they picked up another hobby.

“One day we were on the golf course playing golf like usual and we realized there were so many tees on the ground and they are just being wasted and we decided to pick them up and make some use out of it,” said Sammy.

Turning trash into beauty by making artwork out of broken tees.

Each month they donate a piece of original artwork to a local organization and this month’s was their biggest yet.

“Our most recent one was the coronavirus one which is the American flag. We used 1500 pieces of tee to make it so every piece of tee is very important to us,” said Kaitlin. 

“Each tee represents a person and all of the tees are leaning onto each other because we all need each other to stand tall as a country and the world together,” said Sammy. 

Perfecting a different kind of craft while hitting a hole-in-one in the game of kindness.

“Our mission with talking tees is that we want to help other people in the community like autism, homeless, people with cancer to try and bring a smile to their faces,” said Kaitlin.