ORLANDO, Fla. — Tougher penalties could be coming for drivers illegally passing stopped school buses in Florida.

  • Drivers who pass stopped bus get more than $260 ticket
  • Lawmakers want to see the fines go up to $400

Florida's Department of Education estimates more than 10,000 drivers illegally pass stopped school buses every day in the state.

On one section of Goldenrod Road in Orange County, more than 300 tickets were issued last year. Each driver received a more than $260 ticket.

What to do if You See a Stopped School Bus
On a two-lane road, or multi-lane road with a paved median, both directions have to stop for a school bus.

It is only when you are traveling in the opposite direction of the school bus, and there is a raised median (with grass or a barrier) then you do not have to stop.

Learn more about what to do if you come to a stopped school bus here.

Some lawmakers want to break that habit, so they are now filing new bills in the state House and Senate to nearly double the fines.

Drivers would be paying as much as $400 for failure to stop.

After a second offense, under this proposal, drivers would lose their license for an entire year, double the current six month suspension period.

Historically, the measure will most likely face an uphill battle getting approval with many lawmakers weary of the high fines.

Lawmakers will consider the measures during the legislative session beginning in January.