ORLANDO, Fla. — A local attractions designer is using his creativity in a whole new way.

Brian Morrow is bringing theme park design to – of all things – tablescapes. Oh, and Martha Stewart is judging him.

  1. Brian Morrow is the guy responsible for some major attractions and thrill rides you may have experienced in Central Florida. Most recently, he was the Creative Director and Vice President of Theme Park Experience at SeaWorld Orlando.

  2. Morrow played the lead role in the creation of attractions like Manta, Kraken Unleashed, Turtle Trek 3D, and Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin.

  3. Morrow is now in charge of B Morrow Productions. His company touts itself as “former owners and project managers for global entertainment brands, [their] studio was founded on the idea that experiential entertainment solutions should be turn-key, scalable, and seamlessly integrated.”

  4. In other words, they create the stuff meant to entertain us in a huge way.

  5. Morrow is a finalist on “Table Wars,” an HGTV GO competition show judged by, among others, Martha Stewart. Morrow admits that he'd never dabbled in florals and tablescapes, but now, his newfound talent is garnering national attention.