DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. —  Construction begins Monday on a project aimed at transforming the iconic beach ramp in Daytona Beach.   

What You Need To Know

  • Volusia County will start a construction project aimed at transforming the beach ramp where the 'World's Most Famous Beach' sign is located

  • The sign will be gone temporarily, with construction lasting about a year

  • The project entails new landscaping and a new restroom building

  • Area businesses are concerned how this construction project will impact them

While the work is being done, crews will eventually need to take down the iconic ‘World’s Most Famous Beach’ sign, just temporarily.

But local business owners are concerned about how a year of construction ahead will hurt their bottom line.

“It’s very cool to be here. They’re going to move this sign closer, which is a good thing for us eventually, but all the damage that’s going to happen in-between, it’s going to hurt business really bad,” said Sam Tadros, owner of Sam’s Coal Fired Pizza. 

Tadros is a Jersey guy who has been in Central Florida for eight years, and he loves all things pizza.

“I started off in a pizzeria in Jersey City at the mall. It’s something I’ve always enjoyed doing,” Tadros said. 

He just celebrated his business being open for two months. It’s a place where he can be himself.

“I love making it. I’ll probably die here in the place making pizza,” Tadros said.

But with the looming construction project, Tadros is worried.

He doesn’t want the county to cut any corners.

“We’re going to weigh it out and see what happens. We’re hoping we’ll still be busy. If we’re not, we might have to close down until February,” Tadros said. 

County officials say they understand businesses are concerned.

“We’re going to keep pedestrian access in front of the businesses there to the north. I encourage residents to come out and know that the businesses are still open,” said Niles Cyzycki, Construction Manager for the Volusia County Coastal Division. 

Cyzycki says this project has been in the pipeline for a few years.

It will take a year for this project to reach completion.

“I encourage folks to bear with us. We’re going to work as fast as we can to restore and improve this iconic beach ramp,” Cyzycki said.

At the end of the day, Tadros just needs to know if he can survive this construction project.

“We’re going to have a huge decline in revenue. If it’s that big, is it worth it to open up? That’s what it all comes down to,” Tadros said.