ORLANDO, Fla. — A Central Florida garden is becoming an attraction at a popular Orlando destination. It’s stopping guests in their tracks, especially for folks who like to know where their food comes from when they sit down and dine.

Michael Dunton is the executive chef at Rosen Shingle Creek. He said the space outside used to be nothing but hedges. “It has become an attraction because we’re right on the walkway that guests walk through,” Dunton said.

The “attraction” is now called Emma’s Creekside Farm. “(Guests) have never seen anything like this at a hotel, so they want to find out a little bit more,” he said.

In fact, Dunton encourages guests to stop their stroll and snap off a taste of the freshest of herbs and produce. It has everything from Brussels sprouts and baby carrots, to veggies and garnishes you may have never known about.

The farm is 9,500 square-feet and it broke ground about a year and a half ago.

“It was a patch of grass that turned into this oasis, really,” he said.

Emma’s Creekside Farm at Rosen Shingle Creek is named after Emma MacIvey, a farmer’s wife in the classic novel “A Land Remembered.”