Getting high schoolers to the ballot box is the goal of the Brevard Supervisor of Elections new ‘Vote is Your Voice’ campaign.

What You Need To Know

  • High schoolers in Brevard are the target of a new voter registration campaign

  • Supervisor of Elections Tim Bobanic said younger voters have lower participation

  • He's holding voter registration events at each of the 16 public high schools

Supervisor Tim Bobanic says the county has a fair number of 18-24-year-olds registered to vote, but their participation is the lowest of all age brackets.

Voter registration will take place in all 16 public high schools on the Space Coast.

Bobanic says in his 15 years and 31 elections, he’s seen two races that ended up in a tie.

“‘My vote doesn’t count, or my vote really doesn’t make a difference.’ I can point to two examples where it absolutely will,” Bobanic explains.

The goal is to register the students before this year’s primary election in August.

And also for them to be able to vote in the presidential election on November 5.