MILWAUKEE — The American Red Cross is looking to add both paid staff and volunteers at locations across Wisconsin.

What You Need To Know

  • The American Red Cross is hiring 

  • It's looking to fill roles in disaster services

  • Positions are also available for blood donations

  • Volunteers are in demand across the state

Disaster relief is one area where help is needed. The American Red Cross deploys teams to disasters locally, such as fires and accidents, as well as nationally to natural disasters.

While much of these efforts are made possible through volunteers, there are paid employees that help to oversee and coordinate disaster responses.

Shana Beal is a Milwaukee-based disaster program manager. Beal is looking to add several new disaster program specialists to her team. While Beal said Wisconsin’s Red Cross responses are being managed effectively at current staffing levels, she thinks they will be able to improve their services once all open roles are filled.

“It certainly will aid us in being better and more prepared for disasters. Ensuring we are getting our programs that are free to the public, that we can get those programs out there,” said Beal.

Beal said strong leadership and people skills are a must for the disaster services positions. In addition, Beal said she is looking for volunteers interested in disaster assistance as well. Those volunteers can be based all across the state.

“It is really key to have local volunteers that can support their neighbors and their communities when disasters happen,” said Beal. “Those volunteers can also deploy out on natural disasters if they like. With an anticipated busy hurricane season to come, we are unsure what spring storms may bring. We always need volunteers that are ready to support their neighbors here in the community.”

The American Red Cross is also looking to hire in other areas of the organization, including in blood donations and collections.

To learn more about positions available with the American Red Cross all across Wisconsin, click here.