KENNEDY SPACE CENTER — As the celebration of Women’s History Month continues, meet Kennedy Space Center’s first female chief engineer.

What You Need To Know

  • Teresa Kinney is the first female chief engineer and works at the Gateway Deep Space Logistics Project

  • The Gateway will be the first lunar orbiting station

Teresa Kinney works for NASA’s Gateway Deep Space Logistics Project, and her responsibilities include technical evaluations and recommendations to management.

The Gateway will be the first lunar orbiting station as part of the space agency’s return to the moon in the Artemis program.

In her 40-year career, she’s worked on the Space Shuttle solid rocket boosters, Spacelab and International Space Station efforts.

At Gateway, she oversees a team, including interns, to ensure safe delivery of equipment, supplies and payloads to the future orbiting outpost.

Kinney said she believes collaboration and differing opinions help solve problems.

“Everybody pulls the wagon, no one sits in the wagon," she said. "One of my mentors who is a chief engineer always said, 'If you don’t have a healthy discourse, you’re not learning anything,' and I agree with that.”

Kinney said she hopes to be an inspiration to the next generation of female engineers, who through hard work and dedication, will one day take her place at NASA.