ORLANDO, Fla. — For Barbara Burke, there is real power in words.

What You Need To Know

Reading words, understanding words and knowing how to use words.

Reading and writing are skills most learn at an early age. However, Winter Park-based Adult Literacy League estimates 1 in 4 adults in Central Florida read at or below a fifth grade level.

The group is looking to improve those numbers.

Burke is a longtime volunteer tutor with Adult Literacy League, working one-on-one with students from diverse backgrounds who want to learn more to empower their abilities to thrive.

“I do it because I think if you can read, then you can gain knowledge and with knowledge you have the power,” Burke said.

Adult Literacy League provides a variety of in-person and virtual opportunities to improve literacy skills and is always looking for volunteers.

Burke says anyone with a common grasp of American English can easily help others learn.

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