Shovelhed is a rock band playing venues all around southern Brevard County, Indian River County and festivals across the state. This year, the group is giving the gift of music this holiday season.

What You Need To Know

  • Shovelhed is a local rock band that plays in festivals across the state

  • This year, they decided to donate lessons and a custom guitar to a lucky kid

  • Members of the community also worked to donate additional guitar kits

Their success gave them the idea of giving away a custom guitar, an amplifier and lessons for a deserving young child.

Within days of a social media post announcing the decision, donations began pouring in to buy 21 guitar kits.

So they spoke to their fan base, local music teachers and schools to find kids interested in learning how to play.

“If we can help kill two birds with one stone, number one, help a family give their child a better Christmas in a tough time, two, get some kids playing music, we all win,” said Shovelhed band member Warren Von Kruck.

The band will present guitars to the kids at Earl’s Hideaway lounge in Sebastian during an afternoon concert on December 16.

Two teen bands will also be playing during the concert.