BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — Several roads in Brevard and Volusia counties have experienced flooding after days of heavy rain this week. 

The Palm Bay Police Department said flooding left multiple cars submerged past their window levels Thursday night. 

Officials say just 6 inches of water can reach the bottom of most cars, causing drivers to lose control. 

What You Need To Know

  • Areas of Palm Bay and Port Orange have experience flooding from the recent heavy rain this week

  • The Police Departments are warning drivers to be cautious on the roads and avoid closed streets due to high water levels

In Port Orange, the police department warned drivers to be cautious when traveling and to be aware that some roads are closed due to high water levels. 

Brevard County Public Schools sent a message to parents this morning reminding them that some roadways are flooded and may cause delays for school buses and students arriving and leaving school today.

"Heavy rain yesterday is impacting some roads near some of our schools in Palm Bay delaying student arrival and also delaying some of our school buses. Our schools are open today and ready to welcome students once they arrive on campus. We have had consistent communication with local emergency officials and are told road conditions are improving quickly. Thank you for your support and understanding," the statement read.

The Palm Bay PD also sent out a list of roadways closed due to flooding: 

  • San Filippo/Hagdom

  • Bayside Lakes Boulevard/Eldron Boulevard South East (completely unpassable)

  • Cogan/Sarasota

  • Babcock Street at St. John’s Heritage Parkway

  • San Filippo Drive at Eldron Boulevard

  • Numerous side streets off San Filippo and also DeGroodt

  • San Filippo between Fisher and Fountainbleau with numerous vehicles stuck in the road

Officials want to remind drivers to take it slow going through standing water and that anything under the water can damage your car, from live power wires, branches, debris or possibly a washed out roadway.

Officials also want you to remember the phrase: “Turn around, don’t drown.”

One father said he found a neighbor with a monster truck and hitched a ride with him so they could pick up his son from his late-night job at a pizza place because the roads were covered with water.

“Just a half-block from my house — one of only two ways out — the water is all the way up to right about here on my leg, so most of the vehicles can’t get through,” said Palm Bay resident Mark Phillips. “And right at that intersection there are three vehicles that are stalled out right in the middle of the road — they can’t get through. It just so happens where we live there’s a lot of construction, and that’s blocking a lot of the ways out.”

Some drivers were stranded in parking lots waiting for the water to go back down before they could safely drive back home.

The police department is encouraging everyone to stay home if possible until storms subside.