Palm Bay residents have been playing the waiting game as they deal with closed roads after major flooding in the area earlier in the month.

What You Need To Know

  • Some Palm Bay residents say they have been waiting for officials to begin work on repairing several local roads damaged by flooding

  • A contractor has been selected to work on one of the projects, and materials are on the way

  • Officials are working on a short term and a long term fix of the issue

According to information from the city, a contractor has just been selected for one of the repair jobs.

A Palm Bay public works crew was hard at work Wednesday repairing flood-damaged Weldon Street. Heavy equipment was being used to rip out the damaged roadway and bring in fill dirt.

The roadway’s drainage was overwhelmed after hours of heavy rain fell, causing flooding in the beginning of October. Weldon Street is one of three streets crews are dealing with.

Ricki McCleery lives a couple houses down from the washed-out roadway and said he had a front-row seat when the rain started.

“I sat here and had 14 inches of rain in the roadway," McCleery said. "I knew something was going to happen."

He said it’s been an inconvenience for him and his wife Denise to detour around the damaged roadway to go to work or the store.

“If you want to get to Bayside Lakes, you gotta go around to Cogan, go around to Waco, and during school times, it makes it very difficult to get around,” McCleery said.

City officials said it should take two to three weeks to get the roadway back open, and then crews will take another couple weeks to fix damaged Highland Avenue.

Both fixes are temporary they said, — contractors will ultimately work on a long-term fix.

Down the street from Weldon Street, a contractor has begun work on Walden Boulevard where the street washed out.

In the meantime, a detour remains in effect. City officials say this onetime project will take around 60 days to complete.

The materials to repair Weldon Street and Highland Avenue are expected to arrive this week.