INDIALANTIC, Fla. — Another massive fish kill in the struggling Indian River Lagoon is leaving the area smelly, and local residents concerned. 

What You Need To Know

  • There was a fish kill in the Indian River Lagoon

  • It's the second such event in a little over a month

  • The kill is linked to an algae bloom

It's the second such fish kill reported in a little more than a month.

Neighbors spotted scores of dead fish in the water, and along with it, an almost unbearable smell.

Kristine Henry has lived in the Sunset Park area for over 20 years. The banks of the Indian River usually offer scenic sunsets and solemn views.

“It’s like always being on vacation,” she said.

Henry was walking her dogs in her backyard Sunday when she smelled what she thought was a dead possum or other animal. Then she went to the riverbank and saw thousands of dead fish and more floating in the water.

“Some of the ones that were coming in, the neighbor has said she could see them opening and gasping for air because they were suffocating,” she said.

Mullets, blue crabs, stingrays, sheepshead and all kinds of wildlife are dead.

Henry says she doesn’t use fertilizer or pesticides, which are often sources of potential pollution that could flow into the lagoon.

She knows some things are being done to help clean the waters, but the recent kill is another reminder of just how bad the situation is.

“It’s scary, and it’s sad, and I guess kind of sickening,” Henry said.

FWC is investigating the kill and plans to reveal the findings.

This incident is on the heels of another massive fish kill discovered back on August 8 in Malabar.

Information from the nearest monitoring station from the county shows a significant algae bloom peak last week, which has been decreasing over the last 8 days.

As it decreased, it lowered the oxygen to dangerous levels in the water for the past 2 nights.