ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — An area resident said he is trying to make it safer for children and parents to cross in a crosswalk on Seidel Road in Horizon West.

What You Need To Know

  • Josh Petro says drivers won’t stop for those in the crosswalk on Seidel Road at Trinana Circle

  • There is no sign warning westbound drivers of the crosswalk, and the eastbound sign is tilted

  • Orange County says it will install the westbound sign and fix the eastbound sign as well

Outside of his subdivision, Josh Petro says it’s challenging to cross at Trinana Circle because he says drivers won’t stop for those in the crosswalk.

“The fact that nobody wants to stop the moment we’re in the crosswalk as you can see, sometimes, people just try to go around each other,” Petro said as a driver whizzed past him and Spectrum News 13 in the crosswalk as he was bringing his kids to school.

Even Petro’s children, Alexis and Parker, know something needs to be done.

“It needs improvement,” said Alexis.

“Yeah, it needs signs to tell people to stop for pedestrians,” Parker added.

Spectrum News 13 found out that while driving westbound on Seidel Road, there is no sign warning drivers of the crosswalk.

The eastbound sign is tilted in a way that makes it hard for drivers to see.

Spectrum News 13 told Orange County about the problem and officials had a crew verify.

An assistant project manager for school safety in the county’s traffic engineering division says officials will work on fixing the tilted sign and installing a new sign on the other end.

“I do stunts for a living and I would not want to do a car hit on this road,” said Petro.

Petro signed up to be a stunt man at a local theme park. His kids did not, he said.

“(Crossing is) more dangerous than my actual job, especially when my kids’ safety is involved,” he said.

Spectrum News 13 will keep you posted on when the new signs are posted.

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