With many Central Florida families still trying to recover from Hurricane Ian, federal officials say extra support is available in Volusia County through a FEMA disaster recovery center.

What You Need To Know

  • A new FEMA recovery center has been opened in Volusia County

  • Officials say it's there to help residents rebuild after flooding and strong winds

  • Some residents are being moved out of their homes due to flood damage

The Daytona Beach site is open seven days a week from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m.

“Today is my second day coming here,” explained COG Banie, one of many people who showed up to seek help.

Born and raised in Daytona Beach, Banie is a local artist and musician. The damage left behind by Ian had now thrown off her usual routines and placed her in a position she said she could never imagine.

“Everything is an inconvenience, but I don’t really like to complain about nothing,” she said.

While Banie waits for help at the center, and hopes it will soon be on the way, the apartment she lives in still has clear signs of a storm that left its mark on the property. Her entire block was flooded, and Banie said even looking at the images now gives her an uncomfortable feeling.

“Wet clothes, wet feet, losing everything,” she said while scrolling through the pictures snapped during the storm.

She said water seeped into every inch of the apartment and flooding clogged the bathroom drains, causing sewage water to flow out of the toilet and tub. She said it has to be mopped up almost every day.

“Nonstop to where I stopped coming back home for real," she said. "But I have no other choice, this is my home."

Banie said her complex has moved other people because of poor living conditions, and she’s hoping she can be a part of the next wave that’s moved out. Until then, Banie said she’s trying her hardest to remain patient through a difficult situation.

“It can be depressing," she said. "But I keep myself uplifted because I serve an almighty God. So it’s my job not to complain but to push through everything."