Brevard County residents continue to prepare for Hurricane Ian’s arrival. Hundreds of cars lined the parking lot at Eastern Florida State College’s Palm Bay campus.

What You Need To Know

  • Brevard County residents are lining up to get the last sandbags

  • Some locals waited over three hours

  • The county plans to close sandbag centers after today

The line stretched out into the street, with people waiting for sandbags. Among them, Leon and Patti Hastings, who waited for three hours to get their ten sandbags.

“She’s 83 years old, she doesn’t have a vehicle, she can’t get out,” Hastings told Spectrum News.

He’s talking about their next-door neighbor Jean. She’s the reason they are waiting in line all this time.

“We’ll help her out,” says Leon.

Minutes later the Hastings get home, arriving with their special delivery. Jean was grateful for the help. Now her backdoor will have some protection from flooding.

“They’re the best. I love them,” Jean said.

Leon said it’s the least they can do to help their neighbor worry less about the storm.

“She takes good care of us, so we will take care of her,” he shared.

​Brevard County reported there will be no more sandbag operations after Tuesday.