A rare baby gator is getting ready for his public debut, while mom and dad are hanging out in their Albino Encounter.

  1. Andrew Gilhooly is the entertainment manager at Wild Florida theme park in Kenansville. Taking us behind the scenes, he lets us hold a special new resident.

  2. One of the newest additions is an albino gator. He’s about one month old.

  3. This little guy (who doesn’t have a name yet) is the only one out of 9 eggs to hatch from his parents, Snowflake and Blizzard. Wild Florida is monitoring the baby to make sure he’s eating right and is healthy before finding a home in the “front” of the park.

  4. Wild Florida says it’s the only theme park in the world to breed albino gators successfully, and this is their third year.

  5. Once the albino gator is strong enough to go on display, you’ll find him in a habitat inside the park’s lobby.

  6. As we mentioned, the baby gator needs a name! Wild Florida urges you to check in to their social media pages - like Instagram - to find out how.