OVIEDO, Fla. — With each brushstroke, a vision is crafted into existence, a finished product designed to meet each client's unique style. That's the goal for the artist who creates colorful masterpieces in her Oviedo home studio. Caryn Dahm is all about bringing her paintings to life, each one expressing something different. 

What You Need To Know

  • Caryn Dahm first started exploring painting when she was 6 years old

  • Dahm worked corporate jobs upon graduating college, but after having her oldest son, she decided she wanted to work for herself

  • Her art studio based out of her Oviedo home is thriving, offering various classes

“That way, they have a piece of art that is uniquely them and no one else, and it just fits the whole vibe for their house," Dahm said. 

While Dahm certainly has her method down to a science, she's had plenty of years to develop her skills — first exploring the art of painting when she was just 6 years old.

“I used to sit at my dining room table with my older brother, where we would just sit and create and make so many things," Dahm said. "We made a lot of collages."

She went on to study graphic design in college and then to work at the Orlando Sentinel and AdventHealth, but she eventually decided to hang up those corporate job titles for something different. 

“I decided when I had my oldest son that I wanted to work for myself. I wanted to have that flexibility so I decided to open my own little art studio," Dahm said. 

Now years later, her art studio based out of her Oviedo home is thriving. She offers a host of different classes. One of her most popular is her watercolor painting class, which gets into the technique of painting and brings her unique skills to your canvas. 

Right now, she is offering her children's summer art camps. But starting in August, she'll be back to her open studio workshops, which give students the opportunity to experience the fun and tranquility that comes with painting. 

“I like to make people feel inspired and just moved to think about family, friendship, and the things that matter in life," Dahm said. "Slow down and enjoy some beauty and just think about what you want to hand down to your kids, and what's really important in life."

For more information on her classes and services, visit Dahm's website.