DELAND, Fla. – With several Volusia County cities growing by the year, a workshop was held Tuesday in council chambers going over the rise in population and how the county addresses that growth.

What You Need To Know

  • A workshop was recently held to cover the rise in Volusia County's population

  • Volusia County has grown by more than 110,000 people since the year 2000

Volusia County’s population has grown by over 110,000 people since the year 2000, which means businesses like Steve’s Downtown Music in DeLand have been able to witness the surrounding growth.

“People come from all over Central Florida just to spend the day in DeLand,” explained Steve Chmielewski, the mind behind Steve’s. 

His record shop of 22 years is like a second home to him these days.

It’s where he spends eight hours every day of the week, but his love for music may be equivalent to how he feels about the city of DeLand.

“I think the way that DeLand is going right now is just perfect. I intend on staying here another 20 years,” Chmielewski said.

The purpose of meetings like the one on Tuesday is to provide insight on zoning and future land use throughout Volusia.

According to the county, this approach provides an understanding of the rules and regulations they are following to maintain balance during the growth.

That growth comes as no surprise for people like Chmielewski. Between the historic and local art scenes, he sees first-hand how much cities like DeLand have to offer.

“Every week there seems like there’s some kind of event,” said Chmielewski. “This past weekend was a beer festival.”

He’s seen more and more people visit his shop each year. It’s something that he welcomes and while the growth keeps rising, he’ll keep providing the tunes.

“Anybody that loves music, especially vinyl records, would be in heaven at my store,” Chmielewski said.