OCOEE, Fla. — As it is right now, gun owners in Florida need to carry a license with them when carrying a gun. What some state lawmakers want to do now is ditch the license in a move they say will bolster the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution for the right to bear arms.

What You Need To Know

  • Alabama, Ohio, and Indiana have passed constitutional carry in 2022

  • HB 103: Carrying of Firearms without licenses, failed to pass earlier this month

  • The issue could come up for a vote again at the legislature's special session in April

  • It was one of multiple issues Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said he'd like to see discussed

Constitutional carry was one of several topics Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis-rattled off that he'd like to see discussed in the upcoming Florida Legislature special session, which he called for Tuesday to sort out the redrawn redistricting maps that he votoed.

Dylan Hadas has been a firearms owner since he was 21 and owns more than 30 of them.

He typically carries a Glock 29 in his backpack, which he always has with him. He also always has his concealed weapon license he received from the state on him.

“You have to have the CCW on you in order to carry a weapon,” Gun owner Dylan Hadas explains. “You have to have a valid driver's license. You actually to have both of them on you to carry a gun.”

A license Dylan feels is unnecessary to pay for based on the second amendment stating, “the right to bear arms.”

“I don’t believe we should have to pay and ask permission for something that should automatically be a given right,” Hadas says.

Which is a regulation State House Rep Anthony Sabatini wants to change with legislation.


“If somebody wants to carry a firearm for their own self defense, they shouldn’t have to beg government permission and pay money for the exercise of their fundamental God-given right,” State Rep. Anthony Sabatini tells News 13.

State House Rep. Anna Eskamani disagrees.


“This proposal says you should not have any type of license to carry a firearm in public spaces,” 47th district Rep. Eskamani begins to explain. “There are some serious safety concerns here.”

 In Florida, every time you are purchasing a gun, even if you are a repeat gun owner, you still need to pass a background check when purchasing a gun. What this new legislation would do is essentially eliminate the need for you to carry a license to carry that gun.

Orlando FFL Gun shop owner Marc Bernstein admits while firearms lobbyists and owners support constitutional carry, his bottom line will be affected by 15% a year moving forward.

“The real impact to the businesses is going to be the classes that we offer,” Bernstein says. “We provide the classes for the permitting, which is definitely going to be affected. I don’t think the business as a whole as far as firearms and ammo will be affected.” 

Sabatini sponsored House Bill 103: Carrying of Firearms Without Licenses, but it failed to pass earlier this month.

Gun owners now wait to see if Florida will become the 25th permitless carry state.