BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — Semi-tractor trailers and large trucks are parking on the right shoulder of State Road 524, just off I-95 and near the Flying J, even though it’s illegal.

What You Need To Know

  • Trucks park illegally on the right shoulder of SR-524 near I-95

  • Authorities say trucks likely are waiting to enter the Walmart Distribution Center

  • Cocoa Police say they plan to crack down on illegal parking

  • More Traffic Inbox reports

Terry Repicky lives close by and said it’s dangerous and has even caused crashes.

“You can’t see under them, you can’t see over them, it’s like a big wall,” he said.

While some trucks are parked for days, others just stay overnight.

“Sides of the roads are supposed to be open so if you have an emergency or don’t know the road or if you have to get off the road,” Repicky said. “You shouldn’t have to worry about going into a tractor trailer truck.”

We contacted Cocoa Police, and they said they suspect the trucks are waiting to enter the nearby Walmart Distribution Center.

“Nobody says anything to them, and calling the police won’t do any good. They won’t come out,” Repicky said.

A Walmart spokesperson said the company would work with local agencies to figure out a way to address the problem.

In the meantime, Cocoa Police said they, along with other law enforcement officers, will give verbal and written warnings to get trucks off the right shoulder. If necessary, they’ll start giving out tickets.

“I think it’s safety for not only me, but for anybody else that’s driving up and down 524, especially at night,” Repicky said.

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