ORLANDO, Fla. – With all the struggles the pandemic has brought to people here, some in Central Florida spent their Christmas Eve helping out those less fortunate.

“It’s like a family affair, everyone here is like family to me,” said nonprofit founder Shareece Mitchell.

She held their first Christmas Eve community feeding Friday.

With the help of family, friends and an army of volunteers at New Life Church, they assembled full Christmas dinners. Complete with entrees donated from local restaurants like Outback and Longhorn steakhouse, and with barbecue from Jeremy Smith, owner of Bo's Boys BBQ. 

Smith spent hours Friday morning smoking and grilling meat to give to families at this event. 

Families that Shareece’s non-profit Butterfly Liftestyle feeds on a weekly basis. 

She says she felt called to do this when she learned of the need here in Pine Hills, and after working here for some time now, she knows many of these families personally. 

“How are you feeling today? Pretty good today? Did you have chemo? Yesterday was chemo? And your daughter?” she asked one of the families who drove up. 

Seeing what people are going through this holiday season, especially with the ongoing pandemic, she at least wanted to make sure no one in her community went without Christmas dinner this year. 

“So it breaks my heart to see individuals like that who say we really can’t afford food, or we can’t, you know you hear their story and it just tugs at the heart, really,” she said. 

And they didn't stop till all 500 meal boxes were handed out.  

“Everything must go! We’re not here to save anything, everything must go!” Shareece said.