BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — It came from the sky: A mystery object that dropped in on one Titusville couple's yard last week.

"We have no idea, it's just the strangest thing," Teresa Fuhr said of the metallic silver sphere found in her neighbor's yard.​

What You Need To Know

  • A mystery object — a metallic silver sphere — dropped close to Bill and Teresa's yard

  • Spectrum News 13 sent a picture of the object to experts at Florida Tech

  • According to the experts, the shiny globe is likely a weight for a high-altitude weather balloon

"It weighs about 8 to 10 pounds," she said.

The long red ribbon and orange plastic that came with the sphere dangled over their yard high in the trees. Teresa's husband Bill moved the shiny object over to their yard, and today called in Brevard County Sheriff's deputies to investigate.

"I think they can figure it out, or help," Teresa said.

With a mystery on their hands, Spectrum News sent a photo of the object to experts at Florida Tech.

They said the shiny globe is likely a weight for a high-altitude weather balloon. Two orange parachutes are attached through the long ribbons.

Deputies with BCSO Bomb Unit arrived, examined it and agreed with the experts.

"Mystery solved," Teresa said.

But the mystery of where it came from may never be.​

BCSO gave the Fuhr's a receipt. If the object is not claimed, they will be able to keep it.