ORLANDO, Fla. — Due to the pandemic, Visit Orlando says it could be until the end of 2023 that international travel rebounds, but it is optimistic as domestic travel continues to rise.

What You Need To Know

  • Domestic travel numbers are expected to surpass ’19 pre-pandemic numbers, stated Visit Orlando

  • But it could be longer for international travel to bounce back

  • Hotel occupancy numbers continue to grow

The pandemic put Central Florida in unchartered territory. But a year later the road to recovery appears looking in the right direction.

Visit Orlando President & Chief Executive Officer Casandra Matej showed a presentation Tuesday at the Orange County Board of County Commissioners meeting that showed domestic travel seat capacity for this summer is expected to surpass 2019 pre-pandemic numbers with more than 2 million seats per month, well above 2020 numbers.

She added that hotel occupancy numbers continue to rise.

Tourism is a big part of the economy and Visit Orlando said it is a $75 billion economic impact and creates more than 400,000 jobs.

The agency plans to keep pushing forward, encouraging vacationers to take a good look at the region.

Meanwhile, international travel remains on hold.

“It’s going to be just a little bit longer road because there are so many obstacles, and obviously from the guidance make sure when its right to open border safely and welcome the world back to Orlando,” said Matej.

Matej said it could not be until the end of 2023 that international travel rebounds.

For now, Visit Orlando said domestically it has several campaigns ongoing to bring people from all corners of the United States.