DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – On Monday, at 6 a.m., Buc-ee's, Florida's largest gas station, will open in Daytona Beach.

What You Need To Know

  • Buc-ee's to open in Daytona Beach on Monday

  • The new gas station hs 104 pumps and a 52,000 square foot store

  • Some first responders were given a preview ahead of the grand opening

The Texas-based gas station boasts 104 pumps and a 52,000 square foot store. It's a project that was years in the making. 

"We look at sites all over the place and Daytona just works, it makes sense," said Josh Smith, Expansion Manager for Buc-ee’s. "We have access to I-95 and we have a community that is extremely supportive of Buc-ee’s so it just goes hand-in-hand."

But Smith is not the only busy beaver getting ready for Monday. 

Across the street at Stonewood Grill and Tavern, general manager Jason Gorsline and his staff are also prepping. 

"We’ve bulked up on product, prep, we’ve hired new staff, new kitchen staff yeah we are ready to roll…. all because of Buc-ee’s,” Gorsline said. 

They’ve waited patiently for Buc-ee's to open, watching construction from across the street.

“I am so excited for Buc-ee’s to come because it is going to be so good for business,” Gorsline said. 

They’ve even added new signs, hoping to catch the eyes of those rushing over to try the Texas staple.

“Those signs are going to draw that traffic, soon as you come out of Buc-ee’s our signs are right there. I mean we are looking forward to even if 100 customers a day that go to Buc-ee's come to us it is very beneficial, very beneficial,” Gorsline said. 

Some first responders got an early peek inside Buc-ee’s, experiencing all the sights, sounds, smells, and must-have items it offers. The preview served as a practice run for staff ahead of the grand opening when the public is expected to flood in. 

“When they hit that door on Monday morning it is a sensory overload,” Smith said. 

Smith said now that the gas station is set up, their goal is to create a community partnership beneficial for everyone.

“Here at this location we are going to have upwards of 200 to 250 jobs that are making a minimum of 15 dollars an hour so that right there  gets turned back right into the community, it goes right back into the economy and people thrive off of that,” Smith said. 

After a tough year, it's what Gorsline is hoping for.

“A lot of businesses will start to move out here, we are supper excited," Gorsline said.  "We are prepared and super excited.”

It could be the start of long awaited economic surge heading right for Daytona Beach.

“We want to drive people off the interstate right, we want them to be able to stop and experience Buc-ee’s and then see what else there is to offer here in Daytona,” said Smith. 

 Buc-ee’s owns a 37-acre plot of land in Daytona Beach, but only developed 13 acres of it to build this store. At the moment, management shared that they don’t have a set plan for the rest of the acreage.

People in nearby stores said they hope to see the land used to bring even more development to this busy area.