AUSTIN, Texas — A Kansas City developer has announced America’s first 3D-printed homes for sale.

3Strands is partnering with Austin-based construction technology company ICON to leverage ICON’s proprietary 3D printing construction technology, software, and advanced materials to deliver the two- to four-bedroom homes in Austin.

What You Need To Know

  • ICON has 3D printed two dozen homes and structures to date across the U.S and Mexico with residents now living in the homes

  • The homes took about 5-7 days of printing

  • The new Austin homes will be move-in ready this summer

“We want to change the way we build, own, and how we live in community together,” says Gary O’Dell, 3Strands’ co-founder and CEO. “This project represents a big step forward, pushing the boundaries of new technologies, such as 3D-printed homes.”

3D-printed home (photo credit: 3Strands)
3D-printed home (photo credit: 3Strands)

Logan Architecture designed the one-of-a-kind homes using ICON’s Vulcan construction system to deliver sustainable, resilient, and aesthetically pleasing housing. The first floor of these highly energy efficient homes were 3D printed using ICON’s advanced material that the company says is stronger and longer lasting than traditional building materials.

According to 3Strands, 3D printing technology provides safer, more resilient homes that are designed to withstand fire, flood, wind and, other natural disasters better than conventionally built homes.

3D-printed home interior (photo credit: 3Strands)
3D-printed home interior (photo credit: 3Strands)

So far, ICON has delivered two dozen 3D-printed homes across Central Texas and in Mexico. This marks the first mainstream housing project for the startup.

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