MERRITT ISLAND, Fla. — For one osprey, it was a perch that turned into a pickle.

What You Need To Know

  •  A trapped osprey was reported Monday night at Cape Crossing Marina in Merritt Island

  •  Experts believe the bird had been trapped, hanging upside down from a boat's mast for two days

  • Once rescued, the osprey was checked out before being released back into the wild

But one rescue group went to new heights to help a bird in distress.

Crystene Prokop of Wild Florida Rescue​s used to rescuing animals from unusual predicaments like trees, drains, even roofs.

But her latest job was about to be "high" on her to-do list.

"The bird was stuck at the top of the mast," Prokop said.

The Melbourne based non-profit got a call late Monday night about an osprey stuck atop a 45 foot sailboat mast at Cape Crossing Marina in Merritt Island.

"He's up there on top, and this time it got snagged and couldn't get away from it," said Cape Crossing Marina​ Manager Capt. Mike Young, who reported the trapped bird.

The bird had been hanging upside down, possibly for two days, stuck and entangled in a piece of black tarp.

"He's up there on top, and this time it got snagged and couldn't get away from it," Young said.

Once the situation was reported, an effort to save the bird quickly started.

"She's small, so it was easier for us to get her up there," said Young.

Prokop was hoisted up the mast in a bosun seat, kind of a swing, to get to the osprey.

"I'm not a big fan of heights, so with it swinging and swaying, it was a little bit nerve-wracking," Prokop said. "He was really tangled up, it was hard."

Once on the ground the team cut most of the tarp off the bird, checked him out, and let him fly away.

"They were great," said Young.

"Was just thinking, trust the sail, get the bird, don't look down," Prokop said with a laugh.