ORLANDO, Fla. — Before Dr. Andrew Bagg went into Orlando Regional Medical Center on Friday for his coronavirus vaccine shot, he had multiple thoughts racing through his mind.

What You Need To Know

  • Drs. Andrew Bagg, Daniel Landau got COVID-19 vaccine Friday, December 18

  • Both tell Spectrum News that getting the shot was quick and painless

  • DOCTORS'S DIARY: ▼ We're documenting how they feel days after the vaccine — read their dispatches below ▼

“Some people are waiting to see what happens. So in that sense, I’m a guinea pig," Bagg said. "I look at it as I am a pioneer in medicine.”

Dr. Daniel Landau, meanwhile, works for Orlando Health. He had been anxious to receive his vaccine for about a week.

“To be honest with you, I was excited this morning," Landau said. "I was really pumped to take the vaccine to start that road toward normalcy.” 

Last week was a historic week in the battle to stop the pandemic, as thousands of health care workers got their first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. Among those were frontline doctors Bagg and Landau.

Less than 10 minutes after walking in to ORMC on December 18, Bagg came out vaccinated with Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine. He described the experience as easy and painless, without any immediate side effects afterward. 

Landau said his shot in the arm was also pain-free.

“It did go into my right arm," Landau said, smiling. "I was cracking some jokes with the nurse about how I hope that needle can penetrate my massive muscles.”

Both doctors said they were feeling fine shortly afterward. Now, they're being vigilant for any possible side effects.

“(It has the) same side effects as the seasonal flu," Bagg said after getting his shot. "Arm soreness and tiredness.”

Neither Bagg nor Landau have had COVID-19, but even after getting the COVID-19 vaccine, they said they won’t let their guard down against the virus.

“In the era of COVID, it is going to be business as usual," Landau said. "I'm still going to wear a mask, still going to wear PPE for protection. There is still more that we just don’t know.”

We're following Bagg and Landau as they document their journey through vaccination and checking in with them daily for any possible side effects. Come back here as they tell us how they feel each day.

Doctors's Diary

Monday, January 11

  • Landau: No symptoms whatsoever. Feel normal.
  • Bagg: Arm was sore next day (Friday), slightly tired the next day (Friday), not tired since then. Saturday had arm soreness. Still present but much less. No symptoms Sunday or currently.

Thursday, January 7

  • Landau: I had my second shot yesterday. They accelerated the time line to get it a little early. I feel minimal symptoms.

Wednesday, December 23

  • Bagg: Dr. Bagg says he feels fine, with no soreness in his arm.
  • Landau: Dr. Landau says he was perfectly fine.

Monday, December 21

  • Bagg: "Everything is fine. Had slight soreness at the site after 24 hours and continued for 48 hours, but much better now. No reaction at all on day 1."
  • Landau: "No problems today!"

Sunday, December 20

  • Landau: "No symptoms today. The sore arm resolved. Nothing else out of the ordinary."

Saturday, December 19

  • Landau: "Hey guys. My arm was definitely sore at the injection site. Similar to a flu shot. Maybe just a touch worse. I have some fatigue today. No fevers or other symptoms. So far symptoms are way less than that of Covid infection!"