ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — The COVID-19 pandemic has left millions of people unemployed across the country, including thousands of people suddenly out of work around Central Florida.

What You Need To Know

  • Dana Kyro has been raising money through TikTok, Facebook for furloughed Disney employees

  • One furloughed employee received $1,000 from donations

  • Many theme park employees still haven't received financial help from Florida DEO

For Disney Cast Members and other theme park workers, many have been left without an income and food, often struggling to make it these past few months.

But one Disney worker is stepping up to help her coworkers get through the pandemic, finding support from fellow theme park employees and total strangers through social media.

“It’s just rough,”​ Marc Navarro said, a Clermont resident and furloughed Disney worker.

Similar to thousands of fellow theme park workers, Marc Navarro was furloughed by Disney back in March at the start of the pandemic.

Quickly, he found out not getting paid by the DEO for unemployment would be even harder than losing his job.

“The struggle I’ve gone through is not eating for weeks, this is almost the fourth time I’ve gotten evicted,” Navarro said.

“It’s really tough, especially because these are people with some of the biggest hearts I’ve ever known, and they didn’t do anything to deserve to lose their job,” said Dana Kyro, Disney worker and founder of the group, Magic for Magic Makers.

While furloughed, Kyro started posting videos on TikTok and Facebook, hoping to raise money to help some of the Disney workers who are struggling to get by.

“In a couple days we had about $5,000 raised just through donations," Kyro said. "Every time one of those comes through my heart just kind of stops."

Using social media, Kyro has been able to bring a little magic to those now out of work, like Navarro.

When a friend of his saw a post Navarro had made online looking for tips to get through to the DEO about months of unpaid unemployment, they passed it along to Kyro.

“Is there anyone else dealing with this, is there another way to solve the problem? And she screenshot it and sent it to Dana, and that’s when Dana contacted me,” Navarro said.

“Together, we were able to surprise him (Navarro) with $1,000 from all of you as a gift from your contributions and support," Kyro said, in a TikTok video made about the support which allowed Navarro to pay some bills and rent.

“I’m not used to having people do that for me. I’m used to doing that, so having that happen for me, it was a surprise," Navarro said.

“It’s shown me just how many good people are out there and want to make a good difference in the world,” Kyro said.

With the holidays fast approaching and so many still out of work, Kyro said she wants to keep going, posting and finding ways to help make this month a little more merry and bright for those in need of a little holiday help.

“We’re going to keep going,” Kyro said.

Another positive note to share, Navarro found out recently that he was finally approved for his unpaid unemployment funds from the state, after eight months of daily calls and effort.

If you want to help Kyro and her mission of raising money to surprise unemployed and furloughed theme park workers, you can connect with her on Facebook and TikTok by searching for 'Magic for Magic Makers'.

Kyro also accepts donations through Venmo the Magic for Magic Makers group.