SANFORD, Fla. — Sitting on Historic Goldsboro Boulevard in Sanford is something the area has never seen. 

What You Need To Know

  • Allied Health is opening a new clinic in Sanford Saturday

  • Founder Alex Castro said the clinic will provide care for anyone, including those who can't pay

  • Allied Health currently has six clinics in Florida

“This office was very important to me because of the great need that they had,” said Allied Health Founder and CEO Alex Castro.

For the Goldsboro neighborhood, a first-of-its-kind medical clinic, providing care for patients whether they can pay for it not.   

“I’ve always had a passion to be able to help,” said Castro. 

Remembering his parents not having medical insurance and his mother not being able to see a doctor when she got sick, Castro said the issue is personal for him.   

“So I always had something inside of me — I wanted to be able to fix that,” he said. 

Now, Castro has six clinics in Florida that are helping those who are underserved and is opening up three more soon. 

The grand opening for the one in Goldsboro is Saturday. 

Sanford Commissioner Kerry Wiggins Sr. calls the new clinic a blessing.

“We, as the city of Sanford, worked to make sure that whatever needs to be done that we could get this process taken care of,” he said. 

Wiggins said the access to quality care is much needed for the community. 

Dr. Alexander Evans is trauma medical director at Central Florida Regional Hospital and the chief medical officer for the Allied Health clinic. 

“This would be an area that we could concentrate our efforts,” said Evans. 

He’s said this clinic will cater to the uninsured individuals in the community who often use the emergency room for primary care.

“Serve individuals who have less access to health care, i.e. whether they be homeless or just don’t have health insurance at this point in time,” said Evans. 

As a part of Allied Health's holistic approach, the clinic will also provide food assistance and several other necessities. 

“It’s an amazing feeling when you help someone that is in need,” said Evans. 

Allied Health also has medical mobile units to serve patients in more remote areas or who cannot get to the clinic in Goldsboro. 

They also plan to eventually make house calls for homebound patients. ​