BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. —  School bus drivers say their jobs are looking a lot different with COVID-19 health policies in place.

Brevard County bus driver Reba Logsdon, a 26-year veteran of her job, said it’s a lot more work now.

What You Need To Know

  • School bus drivers clean every seat after each ride

  • Brevard drivers must count riders on each trip

  • Some students sit 2 to a seat on Brevard buses 

  • Driver says students are all wearing masks

Drivers in most districts are required to clean every seat after each ride. Brevard drivers also must count how many students ride on each trip, Logsdon said.

She said that she believes the extra precautions make a big difference in her and the children’s safety.

Before in-person instruction, Logsdon said she was worried because her husband is a cancer survivor and has compromised health.

When all the students follow the health guidelines to the letter, Logsdon said it helps.

“I don’t have any complaints or problems with them wearing their mask,” Logsdon said. “They’re all wearing their masks, and they’re all sanitizing, so they got real used to that real quick.”

In Brevard County, some school drivers must take buses that are relatively full, and some students sit two to a seat.

But Logsdon said she believes their concerns are being heard, and measures are being followed to keep them safe.