STATEWIDE — A lawsuit settled over the weekend will bring the option to vote by mail privately to many visually impaired voters this November. 

5 Things to Know

  1. The Software: According to Volusia County Supervisor of Elections Lisa Lewis, the state certified Democracy Live’s Omni Ballot system, which works with 94 different devices for the visually impared to allow them to vote from home using audio.  
  2. The Lawsuit: The state approved the software in May, however the Florida Council of the Blind, along with other plantiffs, did not see much action happening so they filed a lawsuit.  
  3. Settlement: Under the terms of the settlement reached over the weekend, counties throughout the entire state must roll out this software by March 2022.  
  4. Pilot: Volusia, Orange, Miami-Dade, Pinellas, and Nassau counties will pilot the program, using it for the 2020 general election 
  5. Practice: The Volusia County Supervisor of Elections's office  plans to hold practice sessions to familiarize voters with how to use this technology.