ORLANDO, Fla. — Since the coronavirus pandemic began, officials with the Salvation Army Orlando Area say the number

What You Need To Know

Captain Ken Chapman with the Salvation Army Orlando Area explained, “There’s a tremendous uptick in demand for shelter, food, and for clothing especially."

Chapman says before the pandemic, 300 people stayed at the facilities every night. That’s now jumped to 1,000 people a night.

He's worried as unemployment numbers continue to climb, and as people face evictions and foreclosures, a "tsunami of need" will hit very soon.

Martha Are, CEO of Homeless Services Network of Central Florida, calls the system already strained, and already without enough resources.

Are said, “With the CARES Act and other responses, we will have some infusion of short term resources… but we’re really concerned about the long term impact.”

Are told us they are working with federal, state, and local agencies to obtain additional funding and resources.

Chapman says help is there for anyone facing homelessness and hardship, and they will help them through this crisis.

If you’re in need of services, please call the United Way at 211. They can connect you to different programs in your area.

The Salvation Army is also serving those in need. And if you’re able to, Chapman says any donation will help​.