The Cannabis Community Care and Research Network [C3RN] launched two new studies this week.

They're looking at how the coronavirus pandemic is impacting marijuana patients, consumers, and businesses. The first study will collect anonymous information about medical cannabis patients and adult use consumers.

C3RN wants to know if patients are still going into shops, how they are consuming, and how their consumption has been affected.

The second study is focused on the impacts of COVID-19 on cannabis businesses and the workforce.

“What do they see as the change in the future? Think about how does the cannabis industry react and how can they do so responsibility to ensure their workforce is healthy and safe and they have appropriate sanitation procedures in place, curbside pick-up, contact-less delivery. What is the future for these businesses to make sure we do prevent access COVID-19 infections but that access can still continue,” said Dr. Marion McNabb, CEO of C3RN.

The company is looking to interview about 500 people anonymously.

The public is encouraged to participate and can complete the surveys at