ORLANDO, Fla. -- A Central Florida doctor is encouraging people prepare a "coronavirus kit" in case someone in your home tests positive.

  • Doctor: Have "coronavirus kit" ready in case someone at home gets sick
  • Person who tests positive should be isolated, have own bathroom if possible
  • Wear mask, gloves; disinfect cups, eating utensils with bleach solution
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Dr. Candice Jones, a pediatrician in Orlando, says you need to get ahead of the game with supplies.

“Most people when they call the doctor or call the hospital will be told stay home. Unless you are severe, you won't go the hospital. So you need to be prepared,” Jones says.

If someone in your home tests positive, they should be isolated in a different room and have their own bathroom to use if possible.

Jones says when you need to check on them, there are a few things you should have.

“If you don't have a gown or robe, something medical you can put on... A garbage bag over yourself, (and) you put your mask on, because you need to protect yourself from getting the infection, and put on gloves," Jones says.

The patient should also wear a mask.

“When you bring things out like their linens, laundry, cups, and spoons, you should have a solution of bleach where you can drop those things in their space and maybe remove it later or once a day for cleaning," she says.

Make sure to be stocked with other cleaning supplies like Clorox and Lysol to disinfect areas.

There are also simple things you can buy to make the sick person feel better.

“Multivitamins, a lot of talk about vitamin C, magnesium, giving your immune system some help," Jones says. "For the cough, we know that honey is helpful if you want to be more natural.

Jones says it is extremely important to get tested if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, which include fever or cough, and often loss of smell or taste.