ORLANDO, Fla. -- A nonprofit that benefits developmentally disabled adults and children in the Orlando and Tampa areas is facing an uncertain future after having to furlough most of its staff.

Quest, Inc. is a nonprofit that provides services to developmentally disabled adults and children in the Orlando and Tampa areas, including those who are not able to live independently.

Nathan Hood is one of more than a thousand people who each day depend on the programs and services provided by Quest, Inc. He says the staff provides more than just basic services.

"Everybody is so nice to me, and we are like family," Hood said.

But because of the coronavirus pandemic, the nonprofit has had to close most of its facilities and programs. About 120 staff have been furloughed.

"That was probably the most painful thing I’ve done in my professional career -- no fault of anyone’s," Quest, Inc. President and CEO John Gill said.

Gill says the nonprofit has already lost $5 million to $6 million in annual revenue and worries it won’t have the funding to help provide essential services to families hit hard by the pandemic.

"A lot of families who are going to lose their jobs are going to lose their insurance, and we want to fill that void. But we don’t have the resources right now," he said.

According to the website IndependentSector.Org, Florida has 69,310 nonprofits, which generate annual revenues of $90 billion. These nonprofits employ about 6.2% of the state’s workforce who provide essential services to vulnerable populations.

"I hope everyone stays inside so I can go see my friends or go back to school," Hood said.

Nonprofits can file for small business loans if they have 500 or fewer employees. But what about larger nonprofits? Gov. Ron DeSantis's office has not responded to a request for comment on what support is being provided for those organizations.