ORLANDO, Fla. — The Trump administrations Office of Management and Budget announced President Donald Trump would veto a $4.67 billion emergency-relief bill to help Puerto Rico.

The bill was introduced by the House on January 28, 2020. 

In the statement, the Trump administration said it wants FEMA to finish its review of the earthquake damage before they send more money to Puerto Rico.

They also claimed they've given $90 billion in relief to the island for Hurricane Maria and earthquake recovery.

Political strategist Frank Torres said it's not a good idea to deny Americans in need the money that will help.

"There is no budget when it comes to aid of fellow Americans," Torres said. "I think you need to look at the contribution the people of Puerto Rico are making with the high number of military recruits currently serving here and over seas, and the other contributions they made all over the country.

The Trump administration said the island's history of corruption was another reason why they denied aid.

Evelyn Galloza, whose son fled the island to Central Florida out of fear for his safety, said she wants aid for their island but would like more government oversight on recovery funds. 

"My fear for Puerto Rico receiving the money is that they don’t (use it where it's needed)," Galloza said. "The government wastes the money on something else, not in schools (and) not in housing.”

In 2016, Congress appointed a financial control board.

As written, the emergency relief bill provides aid to rebuild roads, schools, and even mental health services to help treat any natural disaster-caused trauma.

The House was set to pass the bill by Friday where it would need to be approved by the Senate before it reached the President's desk.