EUSTIS, Fla. — If you're out to get a freshly cut Christmas tree for the holidays, chances are you're going to pay a lot more for them this year.

  • Prices going up for a number of reasons
  • Some varieties more expensive than others
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According to national reports, prices are going up for several reasons, including a national tree shortage. Many farmers planted fewer trees during the recession years starting in 2010.

The Bowers family decided to cut down their own tree at Santa’s Farm and Christmas Tree Forest in Eustis. 

“It's less than what we paid for a tree out at a tree place just alongside the road last year,” said Mike Bowers. 

Prices have gone up across the country, and here at Santa's Farm it's no different.

Apparently, buying a tree is like buying a bottle of wine, because some varieties are more expensive than others.

The most popular tree is the Frasier Fir, with the durable branches and the soft small needles. An 11-foot tree this year is selling for $256.

Now compare that to the Black Hills Spruce. A same size tree of that variety is only $99.

Because of the national shortage, owners at Santa's Farm say the growers are only providing trees to the suppliers they've dealt with year after year, and they are not increasing quantities.

Santa's Farm has over 17 acres of live trees to choose from, any size for $45.

According to national reports, Christmas tree prices have more than doubled in the last 10 years. The average price of a tree is now $77.