KISSIMMEE, Fla. — NeoCity Academy is a STEM focused, project-based school that recently opened in Osceola County.

For one year, students were sharing a space with another Kissimmee-area school, but now they have their own campus.

NeoCity Academy is a $15 million structure that took eight months to come to life. It is a high school that has been custom-built around what will be taught.

"It's a really exciting time in Osceola County," said Principal Michael Meechin.

The theme is to integrate science and technology into students' everyday lives.

The laboratories that students will work out of are something you typically find at the college level.

Inside the school you can write out your thoughts or math equations on the walls, and the walls that are off-limits are covered in flight plans from Apollo 11.

"It allows opportunities and provides opportunities for kids to plug in and tap into data that the building is producing and tie them to the curriculum," Meechin explained.

The school will use 76 percent less energy than a regular school, with savings expected to be over $115,000 a year on energy costs.

"We are producing, thanks to the 600 solar panels on our roof, more power than we consume on a yearly basis," Meechin said. "Which makes us net positive, which means we are doing a great job in producing more energy and putting that energy back on the grid."

Administrators said the goal is to have students transition into STEM-related careers flawlessly upon graduation.

"They're going to have some digital portfolios. Those will be things that they will be able to showcase directly to colleges and the workforce that they're going to be going into," said Justin Seabolt, Assistant Principal for NeoCity Academy.

"That will be something that makes them stand apart in terms of maybe a student at a traditional high school will necessarily not have," Seabolt added.

The school has a partnership with the University of Central Florida and BRIDG, a high-tech facility in Kissimmee.